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Spain’s Lorena Gómez “would love” to do Eurovision but “many things would have to change”


Lorena Gómez, the winner of Operación Triunfo 2006 and a participant at Spain’s 2010 national selection, has told Fórmula TV that she “would love” to take part at Eurovision.

However, she can’t “see it clearly now” and “many things would have to change” for that to happen. We’re not sure if that refers to the contest or to her career, but hey, there’s a willing candidate here!

Lorena Gómez – Amor Mágico live at Destino Oslo

Speaking to Spanish-language Eurovision site Viva Eurovision, she developed her position a bit more.
“I would love the festival to be more transparent, as it was in the past, in the times of Massiel’s ‘La, la, la'”, she says.
She cites bloc voting as a concern, along with the injustice that Pastora Soler didn’t win — a common grievance among Spanish potential Eurovision candidates. (Admittedly, Loreen slayed, but surely Pastora deserved a higher placing?).
Asked about her participation in Tu Cara Me Suena this autumn, Lorena acknowledged that many alumni of the show have also taken part at Eurovision: Ruth Lorenzo, Daniel Diges and Edurne.
Will another Spanish Eurovision representative come from the show? “Who knows”, she replies.

Who is Lorena?

Lorena placed third in Destino Oslo back in 2010 with her song “Amor Mágico” (Magical Love), a big Disney-like ballad with a gospel choir. The singer had won the fifth edition of Operación Triunfo in 2006 with half of the votes…but then kinda disappeared until 2010.
She’s in a similar situation now. Lorena is still remembered for her big voice, but she hasn’t made much of a splash on the music scene since then. Now that she’s back and taking part on Tu Cara Me Suena, along with Rosa López (Eurovision 2002), things may change. Here’s a sneak peak of what’s to come….including her rendition of Beyoncé’s “Sweet Dreams”.

Where has Lorena been?

In 2013, her career took an unexpected turn and she became a telenovela actress! She had recurring roles in four serials and has been living la vida loca in Miami. Here she is mixing Spanish with an undeterminable Latino accent in “El rostro de la venganza”:
Lorena didn’t give up her music career while in Miami.
Although she hasn’t produced any new music, she did act as a tour guide and host for Pastora Soler. Pastora brought her beloved coplas to Miami, and Lorena was there to perform with her. They sang a couple of duets, and girl, this is how you do copla:
Tu Cara Me Suena should finish in January or February… right on time for her to be picked internally by a certain TV station to participate in a certain song contest *wink* *wink*.
Do you think Lorena could be a good Spanish representative? Is it time to end the diva strike or would you like her to keep it going? Tell us in the comments section!

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